CATS in the News

Here are some links to News Articles involving the club. If you have seen us in the news, please let us know where so that we can add a link to it here.

Curry County Fair Day 1

August 10, 2009 (Original Link)

Curry County Fair Day 4

August 13, 2009 (Original Link)

Old Locomotive Towed Three Miles to New Home in Clovis

December 30, 2011 (Original Link)

Model trains roll at Museum of Texas Tech this weekend

January 3 2014 (Original Link)

Train Society Debuts

November 28, 2018 (Original Link)

Elaborate model trains exhibit set up at Clovis mall

November 29, 2018 (Original Link)

Train Enthusiasts Break Out Models at Mall

December 1, 2019 (Original Link)

Our People: Physician’s prescription: Model railroading

October 23, 2021 (Original Link)

RUBEN ON THE ROAD: Model Railroad Club in Clovis bringing big fun to mini trains

May 14, 2023 (Original Link)